Seasonal December - April


Guaranteed Whale Sightings!

Ultimate Whale Watch has been rated #1 best whale watch tour on Maui for any level of whale watchers. Our fast and safe rafting vessels are low to the water and perfect for close whale watching encounters and small groups making every seat a front row seat! Every ticket supports active marine research and the whale entanglement response team! If you live on the West Coast in Seattle, San Francisco, or any of the surrounding areas, consider taking a trip to our harbor!


Due to county regulations for the health and safety of our guests, group charters are restricted to 75% coastguard regulated capacity to allow for social distancing. This means all our whale watch tours will now be very small group Whale Watching Tours!

Due to the capacity change, our prices have been temporarily adjusted for this season. We really appreciate your support and hope to share an amazing whale watch experience with you this season!

For more details on our COVID-19 Health & Safety practices click here!

Cancellation and Refunds
Your purchase is 100% refundable provided you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours (for group charters) or 48 hours (for private charters) prior to its check-in time. Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel reserves the right to cancel or reschedule tours at any time due to weather or capacity. Tours not suitable for pregnant women, infants under 3 for whale watching or 4 for snorkeling, or persons with back or neck injury(s).

Maui Whale Watch Tour

Departing Slip 17
Lahaina Harbor, Maui


seeing a whale on raft tour

Our small group tours guarantee whale sightings, include educational talks by marine naturalist onboard and our rafts make every seat a front row seat! Listen to whale songs on our hydrophone and don’t forget your camera for epic photos of our humpback whale friends!

We do not approach humpback whales closer than federal regulations. Please no pregnant guests, guests with back or neck injuries or children under 3 years old.


$45 Kids 3-12
(plus tax/fees)

Whale Watch

1.5HR Early Bird Tour &
2 HR Afternoon Special Tours
Small Group Tour
(16 guests or less)
Guaranteed Sightings
Marine Naturalist Guides

SAME TOUR! Discount Price!

24HR Cancellation Policy



$54 Kids 3-12
(plus tax/fees)

2 Hour 
Whale Watch

Small Group Tour
(16 guests or less)
Sunrise to Sunset Tours
Guaranteed Sightings
Marine Naturalist Guides

24HR Cancellation Policy


$99 Kids 4-12
(plus tax/fees)

Snorkel &
Whale Watch

(16 guests or less)
4 hour tour | 1 Snorkel Stop
Whale & Dolphin Watch
(*See whales Dec-April)
Breakfast & Snacks
Snorkel Gear included!

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24HR Cancellation Policy

Specialty Whale Watch Tours

Departing Slip 17
Lahaina Harbor, Maui


Our speciality whale watch tours offer something exclusive to our Ultimate ohana. These tours not only guarantee whale sightings and include marine naturalist onboard, they also offer the smallest group tours or snorkel and whale watching on the same trip! Listen to whale songs on our hydrophone and don’t forget your camera for epic photos of our humpback whale friends!

Please no pregnant guests, guests with back or neck injuries or children under 3 years old.


per / hour
starting at

Private Charter

Minimum 2 Hour Charter
3 Vessel options
Choose your tour duration!
Catering Available

48HR Cancellation Policy



Book any whale watching tour as a private adventure.

Make any package a private tour for just you, and your friends and family!


What's That Move?

The whales we'll encounter have their own way of communicating with each other. The moves below are some of the most common we see. Get familiar with them and you'll know what the whales are trying to say on your tour!

  • Tail Throw

    When a humpback whale lifts its giant fluke or tail out of the water and throws it back into the ocean its called a Tail Throw. This is performed many times by female humpback whales that may be attempting to attract the attention of male humpbacks interested in mating.

  • Pectoral Slap

    The female humpback whale will raise her giant pectoral fin or arm fin out of the water and repeatedly slap it back down on the surface of the water. This is also believed to draw in the adult male humpback whales that are in the area for possible interest in mating.

  • Spyhop

    The humpback whale floating vertically in the water and lifting its whole rostrum or head out of the water is a Spy Hop. This allows the whale to see out of water and view their surroundings. Watching a 45 ton 45 foot humpback whale poke its head out of the water is epic!

  • Mugging

    Mugging is when a humpback whale approaches your boat closer then 100 yards on its own. Our boats are small and non-threatening, which encourages these curious, gentle giants to swim right up to our boat and check us out!


  • “One of the coolest experiences I have ever had. We got great encounters with whales.They crew was very knowledgeable, friendly, and very fun. If you want a great experience on the water choose Ultimate!!!!” Steve B. Afton, Minnesota
  • “We had a close encounter with a 30-ton Humpback Whale...We also saw about a dozen breaches by whales, a giant school of spinner dolphins and a gigantic turtle all on the same 2 hour tour. I highly recommend these guys” Marposp Vancouver, Canada
  • “We have been on many whale watch trips, but have never experienced what we saw on this one. The large humpback male whale noticed us and came over to our boat to show off. He swam around and under our boat! Rockcl Denver, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Humpback Whales from Alaska. On our trips occasionally we encounter dolphins.