Your Whale Watching & Snorkel Adventures in Maui Awaits!


Rated #1 Whale Watching Maui Tours with Smallest Groups.

Every seat is a front row seat in our whale watching tours! Our small group rafting vessels host small groups of guests so you get up close and personal with Maui’s whales, dolphins, turtles, tropical fish and other marine life! We want your whale watching tour to be unforgettable!



Ultimate Pro Tip:

Plan to bring a waterproof GoPro with a selfie stick for unforgettable underwater video of your trip!

The Closest Whale Watching Encounters in Maui.

We specialize in photographic, non-threatening close encounters with Dolphins, Whales & Turtles! During our whale watching tours, we have hosted film crews from National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, and other elite marine life photographers!

Although the state of Hawaii does not permit approaching humpback whales closer than 100 yards, or swimming with whales or dolphins, we still find ourselves having unique close enounters as these marine mammals love approaching our small, low to the water, friendly rafting vessels.

For your chance to see these amazing creatures up close, join us for our seasonal Whale Watching on Maui tours from December to April or year-round Lanai Snorkeling and dolphin watching trips departing from Lahaina Harbor, Maui!

We really love what we do.

We’re Locally Owned and Operated.

Since 1982, we have been dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience of Maui’s ocean through whale watching tours, snorkeling and supporting education and research. Our goal is to encourage eco-friendly decisions and appreciation of the Hawaii paradise we are a part of.

Support Our Whale and Marine Research.

We donate our vessels, time and resources to researchers that are working to better understand Maui’s marine environment and in turn protect and advocate for it. Check out our blog to learn more about our ongoing research projects and how to support them.


Featured Maui Research Project

Manta Ray Research with HAMER

Once again, Ultimate partnered with Mark Deakos of HAMER research group this past week to support Manta Ray research!



  • “One of the coolest experiences I have ever had. We got great encounters with whales.They crew was very knowledgeable, friendly, and very fun. If you want a great experience on the water choose Ultimate!!!!”

    Steve B.
    Afton, Minnesota

  • “We had a close encounter with a 30-ton Humpback Whale…We also saw
    about a dozen breaches by whales, a giant school of spinner dolphins and a gigantic turtle all on the same 2 hour tour. I highly recommend these guys”

    Vancouver, Canada

  • “We have been on many whale watch trips, but have never experienced what we saw on this one. The large humpback male whale noticed us and came over to our boat to show off. He swam around and under our boat!

    Denver, Colorado