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Locally owned and operated since 1982, we’ve been sharing Maui’s snorkeling experiences with guests for more than 30 years! Our Lanai snorkeling tours are small groups at uncrowded snorkel spots on Maui and Lanai where we see tropical fish, turtles and dolphin watch! Come share the a snorkel adventure of a lifetime with us!


Due to county regulations for the health and safety of our guests, group charters are restricted to 50% coastguard regulated capacity to allow for social distancing. This means all our tours will now be VIP Whale Watching Tours!

Due to the capacity change, our prices have been temporarily adjusted for this season. We really appreciate your support and hope to share an amazing whale watch experience with you this season!

For more details on our COVID-19 Health & Safety practices click here!

Lahaina Snorkel Dolphin Tour

Departing Slip 17
Lahaina Harbor, Maui


Small Group Snorkel Tour
Beginner-Friendly Snorkeling Instruction
Lanai Snorkeling & Dolphin* Watching Turtles, Tropical Fish, Sea Cliffs, Rays, Octopus & more!

Breakfast, lunch *, snacks & drink options
(Gluten free & vegetarian lunch options available)

Marine Naturalist Guide on board and your ticket supports research & whale disentanglement.

Dolphins are seen 9/10 trips. Marine life sighting vary. Lunch is offered on our Extended Adventure.
Whale watching is in leui of a snorkel stop during migration season (Dec-April).


$99 Kids 4-12
(plus tax/fees)

Express Adventure

4 Hour Small Group Tour
Check in 830am | Departs 9am
1-2 Snorkel Stops
Breakfast & Snacks
Snorkel Gear included!
Snorkel & Dolphin Watch

(Seasonal Whale Watching included)
24HR Cancellation Policy


$169 Kids 4-12
(plus tax/fees)

Extended Adventure

6 Hour Small Group Tour
Check in 730am | Departs 8am
2-3 Snorkel Stops
Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
Snorkel Gear included!
Snorkel & Dolphin Watch

(Seasonal May-November)
24HR Cancellation Policy


per / hour
starting at

Private Charter

Minimum 3 Hour Charter
3 Vessel options
Catering Available
Snorkel Gear included!
Flotation Devices Included!
Snorkel & Dolphin Watch

Choose your tour duration!
48HR Cancellation Policy


Beginner-Friendly Lanai Snorkeling Tours

Our Lanai snorkeling tours are full of fun and adventure for every level snorkeler. We make our snorkel tours beginner-friendly by including the right snorkel gear, flotation belts, snorkel instruction and a snorkel guide in the water with you at every snorkel stop! These Lanai snorkeling tours are all about being safe while having fun and learning about the ocean! We enjoy taking tours with people from Washington, California, and all over!

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snorkeling mask and flippers

Snorkel Tips

Here are a few snorkeling tips for every level snorkeler!

Get the right snorkel gear.

Having snorkel gear that fits
properly will enhance your snorkeling experience! We fit all our guests with mask and fins that fit properly. For additional flotation use float belts or pool noodles instead of a life jacket. Life jackets are designed to float your head out of the water instead of floating your body while you snorkel. Wetsuits are also great for adding flotation, as well as providing sun protection and keeping you warm in the water. We provide wetsuit tops for rent for every snorkel tour!

Snorkel Buddies

Always snorkel with a friend. This is important if you are having equipment issues, breathing difficulties or the ocean’s conditions change, you have someone there with you to work through the unexpected and get you to safety.

When in doubt, don’t go out

Ocean conditions are always
changing. If you are questioning the weather or conditions, talk to a lifeguard before getting into the water. Check out our weather page for info on local Maui weather!

Snorkel with the locals

The best part about joining a snorkel tour is snorkeling with the locals. Our tours take you to the best Maui snorkel spots and give you guided snorkel instruction. We teach you how to use your snorkel gear and flotation devices, what marine life to look for, ocean safety tips and one of our naturalist is snorkeling in the water with you for the duration of the tour.

Join us for a snorkel tour and we will guide you on an ocean adventure you will never forget!

Where do we Visit on our Lanai Snorkeling Tours?

West Maui offers beginner friendly snorkeling, turtle sightings and unique reefs! Traveling to Lanai from West Maui we often see dolphins and other unique marine life like whale sharks and rays! Some of Maui’s best snorkel locations are along the West Coast including Oluwalu, Mala Wharf and Honolua Bay. Here we snorkel with turtles and enjoy the calm waters protected by the leeward slopes of the West Maui mountains.


Maui and Lanai map of snorkeling locations

Marine Life on Lanai

Because Lanai’s reef is thriving, we see a variety of marine life! There are multiple types of coral reef we snorkel including cumulative, pinnacle and aggregate reef structures. Every reef is home to different sea creatures including Hawaiian green sea turtles, octopus, manta rays, dolphins, sharks, whale sharks and even seals. Many of the tropical fish that make their home on Lanai can’t be found anywhere else in the world!

Lanai was once a pineapple plantation and known as the Pineapple island

Best places to
snorkel in Lanai

Lanai is our top destination for snorkeling tours. Known for it’s living reefs and breathtaking sea-cliffs, this island is home to many tropical fish species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. There are more than a dozen remote snorkeling spots along the Lanai coast! Club Lanai, Manele Bay, Sweetheart Rock, and Shark Fin are a few of our favorite snorkel stops. Because Lanai has very little near shore development, the reef is much healthier and sustains more marine life. Some of these snorkel spots are along the sea cliff and showcase unique rock formations, swim throughs and even ancient burial grounds.

Dolphin Watching

Crossing the channel between Maui and Lanai we often see some of our favorite marine mammals, dolphins. Although Maui is home to 13 species of dolphins, we most commonly see spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins. Maui is a protected sanctuary for humpback whales but also has protections in place for turtles and dolphins! Although dolphins are protected and we are not permitted to offer snorkeling with dolphins, the wild dolphins are very playful and curious and often swim along side our rafting vessels! Some dolphins travel in pods of hundreds of animals, making for an amazing viewing experience as they jump, spin, surf the wake and gracefully move through the water along side our boats!


Best places to
snorkel in Lanai

Dolphin watching on lanai

pair of dolphins swimming

Dolphins are very social animals and live in groups called pods up to 1,000 animals!

Dolphins are actually mammals, not fish! They can hold their breath underwater but need to return to the surface to breathe oxygen with their lungs!

Some species of dolphins live more than 40 years!

Dolphins are carnivores and feed on fish and squid.

The Hawaiian name for dolphin is Nai`a.

Snorkeling with Turtles

The Hawaiian green sea turtle is a popular resident on our Maui beaches and waters. A symbol of good luck and wisdom, the HONU, (Hawaiian word for green sea turtle), is Hawai i’s only indigenous turtle and an aumkua, or family god, in Hawaiian mythology. One of our favorite ocean activities is snorkeling with turtles on Maui. Maui is home to 3 species of native sea turtles including the Leatherback, Hawksbill and the most common Green Sea Turtle. Because al l sea turtles are either endangered or protected, we encourage respectful encounters which include never touching a sea turtle (this is actually against the law!) and giving turtles their space so they can interact naturally in their marine environment.

sea turtle

snorkeling boat near sea turtles

Turtle Sightings

There are our top snorkeling spots we see Green sea turtles. Some of these snorkel locations you can swim to from shore, others are best reached from a boat during a turtle snorkel tour on Maui or Lanai!



A more remote location to snorkel with turtles would be the island of Lanai, about half hour boat ride from Lahaina, Maui. Leaving Maui by boat, we travel about 8 miles to the coast of Lanai, where there are more than a dozen remote snorkel spot to choose from. One favorite is Club Lanai, named for the reefs location set right outside the beach where Club Lanai was once a popular day club for tourist. Now the club is vacant but the reef is very much alive with marine life! Here we see our favorite green sea turtles, many tropical fish and often spot shy reef sharks cruising through the sandy reef channels.

Mala Wharf, Lahaina

Another popular Maui snorkel spot to see turtles is Mala Boat Ramp in Lahaina Maui. This snorkel spot may not look like much from the surface, but the underwater view is spectacular. Mala Boat Ramp was once used to load pineapples from the cannery onto boats, but with the end of pineapple farming, the ramp collapsed and was left to create an artificial reef. This spot can be reached by shore or by boat, and you’ll be stoked to see dozens of tropical fish, octopus, Hawaiian green sea turtles swimming, and even shy reef sharks sleeping near the reef structure.


Oluwalu reef located in Lahaina, Maui, is a popular snorkel destination and you can often spot green sea turtles swimming through the beautiful coral or hanging out in cleaning stations allowing fish to clean the algae from their shells. Oluwalu is also a great snorkel spot for snorkeling to turtles, it is shallow and is very protected from the wind, creating a calm place to explore the ocean. Some of Oluwalu can be snorkeled from shore, but to reach the outer reef it’s best to chartering a boat. This spot isn’t just home to Hawaiian green sea turtles, you can also see manta rays and tropical fish!

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