6 Steps to Prepare for a Successful Study Abroad Experience

Are you gearing up for a thrilling journey as an international student? Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity that can truly change your life. But before you get lost in the excitement, there are a few not-so-exciting (maybe even downright boring) but essential things you need to take care of to ensure your success as an international student. Here, we’ll guide you through the six crucial steps to set yourself up for a fantastic experience while studying abroad.

Secure Your Health Insurance

We get it; nobody wants to think about illness or injury while they’re off on a grand adventure. But trust us, it’s better to be prepared. In fact, many universities and colleges make health insurance mandatory for international students. If that’s the case, your school will likely handle the policy, making it a relatively straightforward process.

However, if you’re looking for more coverage or want a say in the matter, you can opt for your insurance. Be sure to consult your school about their health insurance plans and understand what they cover. Erin Caswell, Assistant Vice President of the LewerMark Student Insurance division, recommends a minimum of $100,000 in medical coverage for illness or accidents. Also, don’t forget to ensure that your policy includes 24-hour emergency assistance at no extra cost. More coverage might be wise if you’re prone to illness or accidents.

Consider Opening a Bank Account Abroad

While it’s not mandatory, having a local bank account can save you a lot of trouble with currency exchange and withdrawal fees. The good news is that opening one is not as daunting as it may seem. Your host school might have connections with local banks that can offer you favorable terms.

Another great option is joining the Global ATM Alliance, a consortium of international banks that lets you use your ATM or debit card without fees. If opening a new bank account doesn’t work for you, be sure to discuss your financial options with your current bank, especially if it doesn’t have a presence in your study destination.

Register with Your Home Government

Studying abroad often feels like entering a whole new world, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. During uncertain times, registering your stay abroad with your home government can provide essential peace of mind in case of emergencies. The US Department of State offers the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which provides vital information about safety conditions in your host country and allows the US Embassy to contact you during crises.

Understand Your Visa Requirements

Visa requirements can be a bit of a maze, varying by country and nationality. Knowing what’s expected of you is crucial, as it affects how long you can stay, where you can travel, and whether you can work while abroad. StudentUniverse offers a handy tool to help you figure out which visas you’ll need based on your nationality and current residence.

Finish Your Paper Before Traveling

Writing assignments are a common part of academic life for international students. When you find yourself facing numerous essays, research papers, or other writing tasks, it’s essential to think, ‘I need someone who can write a paper for me,’ and that’s where WriteMyPapers.org comes in as a highly relevant solution. With experienced writers, timely delivery, and top-quality work, you can confidently tackle your writing assignments while focusing on making the most of your study abroad adventure. Don’t let writing tasks stress you out; let us lend a hand.

Set Up Phone and Internet Services

Staying connected is a big deal when you’re in a foreign country. It’s essential to make sure you have the right phone and internet services in place. Check with your home service provider; many offer international plans to keep you connected while overseas. Don’t forget to configure your phone for international use before leaving. If your device can’t be configured or it’s too costly, consider getting a local phone plan once you arrive, based on your stay duration.

If you’re unsure, your study abroad program provider can offer recommendations on staying connected while abroad.

Manage Affairs at Home

Remember, life goes on at home even when you’re away. Before you depart, make arrangements for managing your property, bills, mail, access to money, taxes, and other home-related matters. The more you take care of these details beforehand, the fewer surprises will be waiting for you when you return.

If you’ve already studied abroad, share your experiences and tips in the comments section. Your insights can be invaluable for fellow adventurers!

So, as you gear up for your international education experience, tackle these essentials with enthusiasm, and you’ll be well-prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. Safe travels!

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