Whale Research? We’re All Ears!

We’ve all heard the magical song of the whales, sung beneath the surface and answered miles away by other singers. But what scientist are still working to conclude is the actually hearing range of whales!

Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel spent 10 days teaming up with Navy researchers this March to conduct research by measuring the hearing frequency of whales. Ultimate owner and marine biologist Lee James, fabricated a special underwater speaker that acted as a modulatory, tracking stationary animals and helping the researchers hone in on the singing.
Ultimate’s vessel Aloha Kai transported reachers to locations where they used this speaker to send out different mild frequencies and monitor if there were any changes in the animal’s behavior. Documenting the whale’s responses and comparing them with notes from other researchers working on location in places like Kauai, will help us better determine the hearing range of whales and how they communicate.

Proceeds from every Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel are what fund important research like this! Mahalo for your support!

*No video documentation was taking around whales. All documentation around whales is required to be under Sanctuary Permit