How to Snorkel Underwater and Have the Best Experience Possible!

snorkel underwater

Learning how to snorkel underwater is an important and fun skill to learn while vacationing on Maui! Snorkeling allows you to explore the amazing underwater world and observe tropical marine life up close. To make the most of your snorkeling experience, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.


1. The Right Snorkel Gear is a Must

The first tip for learning to snorkel underwater is purchasing or renting the best snorkel equipment. The right gear will ensure comfort, safety, and better visibility underwater.

Snorkel Mask

Choose a snorkel mask that fits snugly on your face without a tight strap behind your head. This will prevent water from leaking into the mask and interfering with your visibility. Make sure the mask doesn’t apply uncomfortable pressure on your nose, mouth, or forehead. Before using your mask in the water, use a defogger solution to prevent fogging.

Snorkel Fins

Opt for short-blade fins that provide propulsion and help conserve energy while snorkeling. Ensure that the fins fit snugly but not too tight. Your feet may shrink slightly in the water, so it’s important to find the right fit.

Wetsuits and Rashguards

Wearing a wetsuit or rashguard is beneficial for both warmth and sun protection. Wetsuits provide buoyancy and make floating on the surface easier. Rashguards protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, ensuring you don’t end up with a sunburned backside after hours of snorkeling.

Flotation Devices (but not Life Jackets)

Consider using flotation devices such as boogie boards, pool noodles, or float belts for additional support while snorkeling. However, avoid using life jackets as they are designed to keep your head above water, which doesn’t align with the goal of snorkeling.

2. Learn to Breathe Comfortably Underwater

Breathing comfortably through a snorkel mask is essential for a successful snorkeling experience. Practice breathing with the snorkel mask on land before entering the water. Focus on relaxing and breathing slowly.

Once you’re comfortable with breathing on land, find a calm place in the ocean or a pool where you can stand up. Put your face in the water with the mask on and practice the same breathing techniques. Always ensure the top of your snorkel tube remains above water to prevent water from entering the snorkel.

3. Learn About the Ocean

Understanding the ocean and its conditions is crucial for a safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience. Unlike lakes or pools, the ocean has changing conditions such as currents, tides, wind, waves, and diverse marine life. To ensure your safety, consult local experts or join a snorkel boat tour where experienced guides can recommend safe and exciting snorkel locations. It’s also important to always snorkel with a buddy for added safety.

Feeling comfortable and confident? It’s time to explore the amazing underwater world of Maui! Consider booking a snorkel tour with a reputable company that can take you to remote locations with unique reef systems and abundant marine life. Their knowledgeable crew can guide you and provide additional tips for snorkeling. Happy snorkeling!