Giving the Ocean EARs

EARs- aka Ecological Acoustic Recordersare new technology being used by researchers tomonitor coral reef soundscapes among other purposes!

According to NOAA, “The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center and the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, developed the EAR program for these purposes:

  • Establish patterns of sound-producing organisms in nearshore waters
  • Monitor sound-producing marine species and their patterns and activity levels.
  • Establish long-term trends in acoustic activity of reef organisms (e.g., fishes and shrimps) and observe changes within seasons, temperature, currents, and tidal cycles, among other environmental influences
  • Determine levels of human activity, like blast fishing and vessels, in remote locations and marine protected areas
  • Develop ways to relate ambient sound to events like coral bleaching, storm damage, or disease outbreaks”

Next week, Ultimate is working with Researchers Eden, Anke and Megan to refurbish EARs off West Maui by donating Ultimate’s vessels as transport the researchers to where the EARs are located. These EARs are being use to monitor coral reef soundscapes, humpback and spinner dolphin habitat use.
Maui Ocean Center will be hosting a Eden August 31st as she presents info and data about Maui’s EARs. 

Every ticket for Ultimate Whale Watch or Snorkel Trips supports impactful research like this!