Best Time of Day to Whale Watch in Hawaii

Best Time of Day to Whale Watch in Hawaii

Wondering what’s the best time of day to whale watch in Hawaii?

Are your looking for the best time of day to Whale Watch in Hawaii ,The good new is that whales don’t operate on an a.m. or p.m. schedule like us, so the best time for whale watching is when you feel like going!

Humpback whales do not feed when they migrate to Maui, so the activity we see are mating rituals, competition pods, mom and calf pairs teaching and learning important behavioral lessons and the casual individual whale just coming up to catch a breath of fresh air and playfully hanging out with the vessel.

These habits and interactions with humpback whales continue throughout the day from sunrise to sunset.

Sunrise whale watching tours in Maui are beautiful. The island is awake and the sun glows over the west Maui’s, lighting up the already stirring humpback whales.

The best part about sunrise tours is you can book more whale watches all day after!

Morning whale watch tours are often a popular choice as the weather may be more cooperative. Thankfully the west Maui mountains block most winds, giving us a calm leeward setting for whale watching on most days. Because of this, afternoon whale watching is a great option if you book your tour after a morning at the beach.

The last time for whale watching tours is sunset. Not only do you have your humpback sightings, you experience Maui’s famous sunsets with an ocean view.