Top Marine Life Documentaries to Watch While in Quarantine!

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So we all wish we were on the water right now, snorkeling or whale watching. But just because we are stuck inside doesn’t mean we can’t get our daily dose of amazing marine animals and ocean facts via the film documentary world!

We put together our TOP MARINE LIFE DOCUMENTARIES TO WATCH WHILE IN QUARANTINE, so you can learn more about our underwater world from the comfort of your couch. So grab some popcorn and join us as we explore the ocean via your home screen.

Chasing Coral- 2017

A sobering and educational award winning film, Chasing Coral documents the changes in our oceans and the disappearance of coral reefs. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, a dive group of scientists and photographers spent more than 3 years and 500 hours filming underwater in 30 countries, documenting the change of our coral reefs, their impact on marine life and our daily lives. If anything, just watch this for the amazing underwater footage, it will give you new eyes into the life our oceans have and their beauty. Check out this film on Netflix and visit their website for more info and how you can support reef recovery. 

Mission Blue – 2014

This Emmy Award winning documentary film focuses on threats to the ocean and Dr. Sylvia Earle’s quest to find ways to protect it, as well as exploring her personal work in the field of science and her connection with the ocean. Turn on Netflix and dive into Mission Blue as it takes you on a visual journey of the oceans around the globe, showing us the legacy we still have left and what we risk losing if pollution, overfishing and coral bleaching continue. 

Planet Ocean-2012 

Humanity’s connection and dependence on the ocean is often underplayed, but not in this award winning film, Planet Ocean. Here we get a glimpse and the importance of our relationship with the ocean for our survival and the impact we have on it’s survival as well. Known for his aerial filming, cinematographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot take viewers on a historical journey of our oceans. Check out this ocean documentary on Amazon Prime. 

Mystery of the Humpback Whale Song

If you’re looking for a documentary specifically about humpback whales, look no further! The Mystery of the Humpback Whale Song takes you behind the scenes of the scientific discoveries of humpback whales, specifically their song, the unique characteristics of singers and other theories researchers, including Mark Lammers, are exploring about these gentle giants. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mark Lammers and his research team during their E.A.R.S refurbishing projects and other underwater song studies. Check out this humpback specific docu film on YouTube!


After watching these films, you may have a new understanding of our coral reefs, marine life and the ocean itself and their importance and want to help reduce our negative impact on them. So how do you do that?

All waters flow to the ocean and our choices everyday impacts this. Make important decisions to eliminate single use plastics, like plastic bottles, straws and utensils and promote chemical free living by supporting organic farming both in what you eat, buy and wear! Our consumerist mentality tells us to buy more and buy often, but if we slow down and make mindful purchases, buying sustainable products with sustainable production methods and packaging, our dollar begins to make a larger impact than we could have imagined! As we should be mindful of our daily lives, pollution, plastic and chemicals impacts our oceans as well as our consumption of fish, where they are from and how they are raised. Overfishing on a world-wide level causes an imbalance in the ocean that climbs the food chain affecting life at a microscopic level all the way to our dinner plate. Conscious choices and sharing educational material with our friends and family bring awareness which opens doors for change and ocean recovery!

Mahalo for watching and learning with us!