Maui Bottlenose, Spinner And Spotted Dolphins

Dolphins are amazing marine creatures, some of the most intelligent and well-balanced species of mammals. This is especially showcased in the rearing of their young.This video from National Geographic highlights some of the one-on-one training between mama and calf (baby dolphin). She communicates with her dolphin sounds and her calf follows her moves by imitating them. Learning how to swim special moves, finding food and play time are all very important to this mother, baby duo training time. Teaching the importance of using their special sonar system called echolocation, which helps them find the location of fish meals that hide beneath the surface of the sand. Hydroplaning is not only a fun playtime but also an effective fishing method. On our snorkel trip, you will often see three different species of dolphins native to Maui; the bottlenose dolphin, the spinner dolphins and even spotted dolphins. Join our Lanai snorkel trip to catch a glimpse of these guys first hand!

Check out the video to learn more about our amazing underwater friends!

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