Do’s and Don’ts of Whale Watching Manners!

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whale watching manners

Whale Watching Manners: What to Do and What Not to Do!

1. Do show up on time and be ready to have fun on your 12 passenger or private boat!

2. Do communicate your needs to the crew! If your view is being blocked by standing guests or unhappy with your seat, tell the crew so they can help!

3. Do take photos! Just be aware that others want to too, and share the view!

4. Do return to your original seat! It’s ok to get up and move around to watch the whales, but please return to where you were first seated!

5. Don’t hog the whales! We are whale groupies so we get it, but remember to sit or kneel if you are in the front row so others can see!

6. Do wear smaller brimmed hats! Sometimes the big brims block more than the sun!

7. Don’t forget to look for whales! The crew only has 2 sets of eyes, keep a lookout for whales, you may discover something cool!

8. Do book an exclusive tour. If you want a quieter, guaranteed no obstruction view, book a VIP 12 passenger tour or a private boat charter

9. Do share the ALOHA! That’s what this is all about, sharing the magic that Maui shares with us! If Maui is kind enough to share it’s Aloha with us, we show our gratitude by doing the same to others!

Mahalo and see you this season!

Team Ultimate 

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