Why Rent a Private Charter Boat?


There are so many great reasons to rent a private charter boat in Maui, but new reasons for chartering a private boat for your friends and family are coming to our attention as we all are finding ways to stay safe and healthy with covid-19 recommendations.

Private boat charters in Maui are just that, a private boat for you (and whoever you want to spend your Maui adventure with)! Private boat tours can include a variety of ocean adventures! If you’re wondering what private boat charter to choose, here’s some info about our private boat charters and also check out our reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp!

Renting a private boat charter gives your group (friends, family, co-workers, wedding party etc.) a private setting to share adventures, fun, food and memories. Private boat charters give you the flexibility to determine how long you want to be on the boat, where you want to go and what you want to do!

You can choose your menu, your agenda and your amenities. Captain and crew will be joining you to give you a on the water tour of Maui and Lanai, snorkel instruction, be your marine naturalist guides and keep you safe and having fun on your private boat tour!

Private Snorkel Boat Charters

Our private snorkel rafting charters take guests exploring the ocean reefs of Maui, Lanai or Molokini! Depending on what location you want to book your private snorkel tour for will determine the duration of your tour! Private snorkel tours start with checking in at Lahaina Harbor or Mala Boat Ramp!

After checking in, we suit you up in custom sized snorkel masks, fins and snorkels, and wetsuit tops are available to rent in addition! After suiting up we cover safety and snorkel techniques and then we travel to the best snorkel locations on the island.

Our captains will choose snorkel locations where the wind, waves and current are mild, and the water clarity is best for underwater viewing! Breakfast, snacks, lunch and beverages are available to snack on throughout your private boat charter (see our fresh Maui-style menu below)! Recommended duration for snorkel tours is 3-6 hours depending on your snorkel locations.

Private Whale Watching Boat Charters

Our private whale watching boat charters are offered seasonally when the whales migrate to Maui, from December through May every year! After checking in at Lahaina Harbor or Mala Boat Ramp, our crew will go over safety for the trip and then begin the cruise, looking for humpback whales in the protected sanctuary waters of Maui.

We do not approach whales closer than 100 yards due to federal regulations but our marine naturalists are excellent at spotting whales and often the whales come to us, swimming under our boat and “mugging” or hanging out around our boats, checking us out! We offer all catering options for whale watching tours as well, and the recommended duration is 2 hours!

What do private boat charters in Maui cost?

Our private boat charters in Lahaina, Maui are offered at hourly rates for different sized vessels. Here at Ultimate we have 4 vessels we operate in our small, locally owned eco-tour company in Lahaina.

Here is a bit about our private boats for charter, departing Lahaina Harbor or Mala Boat Ramp in Lahaina, Maui.

Aloha Kai

private boat charter at Aloha Kai

Aloha Kai is our 27 foot powercat (not a raft)! She is available for private boat charters but is also our designated whale entanglement response vessel and research vessel. Aloha Kai holds 1-6 passengers and books at an hourly rate of $250, minimum 2 hour tours. This vessel offers shade, bench style seats and a fun, low to water boating experience. The smaller private boat charter vessels are safe, quick and maneuverable and have dry storage onboard as well. Couples looking for an affordable private boat charter option or small families wanting to whale watch or snorkel will find Aloha Kai is a great private boat charter option.

Wiki Wahine & Wiki Hana

Wiki Wahine private boat charter

Wiki Wahine and Wiki Hana are sister vessels, both hard-bottom inflatable rafts that hold up to 18 guests plus crew. Both of these rafting vessels are great for private boat charters for family snorkel tours, friends going whale watching or even destination wedding parties looking for a private boat tour and Maui ocean adventure.

These private boat charter rafting vessels have both bench style seats and pontoon seating, making the boat ride fun and comfortable. 70% shade onboard these private charter vessels. These Maui private boat tours operate at $350 per hour, minimum 2 hour tours.

Wahine Kai

Wahine Kai private snorkel boat tour

Wahine Kai is our largest hard-bottom inflatable raft for private boat charters. She holds up to 28 guests plus captain and crew and has more bench style seating (20 seat) and pontoon seating! Also shaded and low to the water, Wahine Kai offers the adventure rafting setting, getting you closer to the ocean and marine life.

This vessel also has a restroom onboard (it’s tiny but it’s clean and new!) as well as a fresh water shower that is perfect for rinsing off the salt water after a fun snorkel session! Wahine Kai private boat charters operate at $500 per hour, minimum 2 hour tours.

Determining which vessel to choose for a private boat charter as yourself these questions.

  • How many are in our group?
  • Will there be children or just adults?
  • What activity do we want to do?
  • Do we need a restroom onboard?
  • Do we need a freshwater shower?
  • How many hours do we need to charter the boat for?

Once you have answered these questions, call us and we can help you determine what private boat charter vessel fits your group’s needs, we can book it for you and plan the details of your adventure!

What’s Included

Your private boat charter includes captain/crew, snorkel gear and flotation devices! While captain’s pay for private charters is included in your hourly rate, gratuity is always appreciated (20% says you had a great time!)
Catering upgrades for private boat charters are available, here’s our menu!

Breakfast Snacks Drinks $10 per person
Breakfast Lunch Snacks Drinks $15 per person

  • Breakfast: Banana bread with passion fruit cream cheese and fresh fruit platter
  • Lunch: Fresh wraps made by down the hatch- Turkey Bacon, Chicken Caesar or Vegetarian, all with gluten free bun options
  • Snacks: Maui Style potato chips and homemade cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and white chocolate mac nut
  • Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Unsweetened Green Tea and Purified Water

Bring towels, reef-safe sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and underwater camera to capture all the amazing things you will see snorkeling or whale watching!


Why rent a private charter boat with Ultimate?

When you book a private charter with us, you’re doing more than planning your next great Maui adventure. Your tickets are how we fund our work with marine life research groups like U.H., Cascadia, SCRIPPS, NOAA, NASA, Whale Trust, Keiki Kohola and many more.

We also were the first commercial outfit to be volunteer first responders to whale entanglements, and with your help we offer a boat for free for the use of whale responder volunteers. We care about the ocean and its inhabitants can stay eco-focused with your help!

Mahalo and we can’t wait to share a Maui private boat charter with you!