What Whale Watching Accommodate Cruise Ship Guest?

what whale watching accomodate cruise ship guests

There are dozens of awesome whale watching tours in Maui, but what tours accommodate cruise ship guests?

Cruise ships travel from all over the world to Maui, Hawaii and port at 2 locations, Kahului, Maui and Lahaina, Maui.
Kahului is considered the central part of Maui and guests that port or stay there travel to Lahaina, Maui for their activities, like whale watching and snorkeling tours. Lahaina, Maui is on the west side of the island and runs along sandy beaches and shops reminiscent of the historic whaling village it used to be. Here is where many ocean tours operate year round.

If Lahaina Harbor is where many cruise ships dock and within seconds, cruise ship guests can walk to numerous boating options for whale watching trips.

1.5 hr whale watch in maui hawaii cruise ship guests?

We’re a 3 Minute Walk Away from Your Dock

Ultimate Whale Watch accommodates cruise ship guests by having a location within minutes from where cruise ship guests dock. Slip 17 is the operating slip for Ultimate Whale Watch and is only a 3 minute walk for a cruise ship guest.

Daily Whale Watching Tours

Ultimate Whale Watch also accommodates cruise ship guest by offering more than a dozen tours a day for whale watching. No matter the time a cruise ship ports, there will be a whale watching tour within the next hour! We do recommend booking in advance, as seats do fill up quickly!

2hr whale watch maui hawaii

Whale Sightings Guaranteed

Ultimate Whale Watch also guarantees whale sightings on all their trips. This means if they don’t see a whale, guests get to go again for free or get a refund!

So if you are asking whale watching accommodate cruise ship guest? Check out Ultimate Whale Watch, we may have the right tour for you!