Types of Whales in Hawaii

Snorkeling With Whales in Maui

Whale watching in Hawaii is one of the top rate activities. Every year thousands of humpback whales migrate to Hawaii from Alaska during winter months, making their stay in Hawaii seasonal. But there are other whales that grace the waters of Hawaii year-round! Humpback Whales Maui’s most popular whale residents are the humpback whales. As we mentioned, they are seasonal … Read More

How is Covid-19 Affecting Maui’s Whales, Dolphins and Turtles?

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We know Covid-19 has affected all of us, but what about Maui’s marine life? Not only has there been stay-at-home recommendations for everyone on Maui during this time, but the 14-day quarantine for visitors has put a complete halt on tourism. We’re going to unpack the impact Covid-19 has had on Maui’s whales, dolphins and turtles! Humpback whales migrate 3000 … Read More

What is the Best Island to see Whales in Hawaii?

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Every year thousands of humpback whales make their way from Alaska to Hawaii, to find comfort in the warm tropical waters for breeding, birthing and raising their calves.  So, where do humpback whales spend their time when they are in Hawaii? More than 10,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaii every year, they settle in the waters around Big Island, Kauai … Read More

Humpback Whale Fun Facts!

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The last great animal migration of the humpback whales from Alaska to Maui, Hawaii every year is a magical experience. These gentle giants travel thousands of miles to the warm tropical waters of Maui where we are lucky enough to encounter them on our whale watching tours.

What Makes Humpback Whales Sing

What Makes Humpback Whales Sing

Ever wonder what makes humpback whales sing? Researchers around the worlds have been asking this same question and looking for answers! Let’s talk about what we do know about humpback whale songs! Whale songs are only sung by bulls (male humpback whales). Although cows (female humpback whales) can make sounds, only the bulls produce the famous songs that we hear. … Read More

Snorkeling With Whales in Maui

Snorkeling With Whales in Maui

Can We Snorkel With Whales? Is a frequent question we get asked here at Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel.  Although snorkeling with whales is often seen on social media or portrayed in documentaries on the ocean and marine researchers, it is not permitted here in Maui. Maui was chosen to be a protected place for humpback whales because of their … Read More

When are Whales in Hawaii?


When should you plan your island trip to see the last great animal migration? Humpback whales are in Hawaii seasonally, traveling back and forth from colder, food abundant climates like Alaska, to warmer waters like Hawaii for mating and giving birth. If you are hoping to go whale watching in Hawaii, it’s important to plan around the humpback whales’ migration! … Read More

Mini Guide to Whale Watching in Maui 101

When to Whale Watch? Whale Watching in Maui is seasonal December to April, so plan your tropical vacation during the months of whale migration. Best time to whale watch in Maui is the month of February when most of the whales are in the Maui Nui Basin. It’s estimated 12,000 – 14,000 humpback whales will make their way to Maui … Read More

Best Time of Day to See Whales in Maui


What’s the Best Time of Day? Whale watching in Maui is one of the most popular activities to do when visiting this amazing tropical island. There are many questions to ask when planning your whale watching tour, including what is the best time of day to see whales in Maui? Good News! The good news is that humpback whales are … Read More

Best Island In Hawaii for Whale Watching


What is the best island in Hawaii for whale watching? But with multiple Hawaiian Island destinations to choose from, how do you know which island is best for whale watching during your vacation? Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii every year during the cool winter months and begin arriving in November (Check out whale watching calendar). By February, Hawaii has become … Read More