How to Snorkel Safely With Sea Turtles in Maui


Snorkeling with sea turtles in Maui is one of the best ocean activities to do in Maui. An important part about participating in any activity while in Maui is to learn the safe and respectful way to be a part of it! Learning to safely snorkeling with sea turtles in Maui is an important topic to cover! When engaging in … Read More

Health Benefits of Snorkeling

person gaining health benefits while snorkeling in Maui

Something about being on the tropical island of Maui makes you want to be outside and in tune with your health! One of the best things about vacationing in Hawaii is that spending time in the sunshine and snorkeling has health benefits! Maui is home to beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and many of the best snorkel spots in Hawaii. … Read More

Snorkeling With Sea Turtles In Maui

snorkeling in Maui with green sea turtle

Snorkeling in Maui is one of the top ocean activities to do when you visit the islands! The best snorkeling in Maui depends on the ocean’s conditions, reef and marine life you find there! Turtles are one of our favorite marine animals to observe when snorkeling, so we put together this guide showing where to snorkel with sea turtles in … Read More