Dolphins in Maui: An Unforgettable Experience

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Dolphins in Maui: An Unforgettable Experience There are 8 species of dolphins in Maui waters. The most common are the Spinner and Spotted dolphins mostly found in pods of over 100. The larger Bottlenose dolphin is less frequent to find but still common and is usually in pods of 6-12 individuals. The other 5 less likely encounter species are Rough … Read More

Turtle-topia: Mala Wharf

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Turtle-topia: Mala Wharf When people want to see sea turtles, many point them in the direction of Kihei’s “Turtle Town”. However, Lahaina has its very own, and frankly, we think it’s even better. Welcome to Mala Wharf, or Mala for short. This gem that is just off the beaten trail that we know and love as Front Street was historically … Read More

Guidelines for Swimming with Turtles in Maui: Do’s and Don’ts

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Guidelines for Swimming with Turtles in Maui: Do’s and Don’ts Swimming with turtles in the crystal-clear waters of Maui can be an awe-inspiring experience. These magnificent creatures, known as honu in Hawaiian, are an integral part of Maui’s marine ecosystem. However, it is essential to approach these encounters responsibly to ensure the well-being of both humans and turtles. These are … Read More

Favorite Snorkel Spots on Maui


Our Favorite Snorkel Spots  The islands of Maui and Lana’i offer incredible wildlife, breathtaking views, as well as some of the best snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands. Our trips aim to get people out on the water and to enjoy all the riches that these islands have to offer. Our boats are some of the smallest in Lahaina harbor, but … Read More

Important Things to Avoid While on a Snorkel Tour

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Is this your first time going on a snorkel tour or snorkeling in Maui? Are you curious what the Things to avoid on snorkel tour, rules of snorkeling are and what you need to know to make it the best snorkel experience? We’re here to help! Snorkeling in Maui is one of the best activities to do! We want you … Read More

Boat vs. Beach Snorkeling: What’s the Difference?

Best Place to Snorkel in Maui

Snorkeling in Maui is a must do activity. Knowing where to snorkel in Hawaii, how much it cost to snorkel in Maui, what’s the difference between boat and beach snorkeling and other snorkeling tips can help you decide what the best snorkel experience will be for you! Where to Snorkel in Maui? The best place to snorkel in Maui, Hawaii … Read More

What’s Open in Maui Guide!

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Our Maui Trip full Guide Ok, so you made it to Maui. But what’s open in Maui? Where do you eat, shop and do activities? With COVID-19 closing down restaurants, stores and activities, it’s hard to know what is open for business! That’s why we made this quick “What’s Open in Maui” guide! Check out our list of activities, shops … Read More

Private boat charter ideas for Trip

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Looking for a private boat charter in Maui with just your friend and family? Private boat charters are the perfect tour option for getting out on the warm tropical waters of the pacific ocean. Here are some ideas for your private boat charter in Maui! Private boat charter ideas Private Boat Charter for Family Fun! Family vacation on Maui is … Read More

Why Rent a Private Charter Boat?


There are so many great reasons to rent a private charter boat in Maui, but new reasons for chartering a private boat for your friends and family are coming to our attention as we all are finding ways to stay safe and healthy with covid-19 recommendations. Private boat charters in Maui are just that, a private boat for you (and … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Whale Watching Manners!

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Whale Watching Manners: What to Do and What Not to Do! 1. Do show up on time and be ready to have fun on your 12 passenger or private boat! 2. Do communicate your needs to the crew! If your view is being blocked by standing guests or unhappy with your seat, tell the crew so they can help! 3. … Read More