Manta Ray named “Ultimate”

Save Maui’s Manta Rays Team just sent out an update on their tagging research. We are grateful to be a part of their research team by donating the Wildlife Tag to help support ray research and learn how to better protect our marine ocean life! Manta Ray update! “On May 1, 2015, an adult male manta ray that we named … Read More

Giving the Ocean EARs

EARs- aka Ecological Acoustic Recordersare new technology being used by researchers tomonitor coral reef soundscapes among other purposes! According to NOAA, “The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center and the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, developed the EAR program for these purposes: Establish patterns of sound-producing organisms in nearshore waters Monitor sound-producing marine species and their … Read More

Dolphins, Whales and Research, OH MY!

Yet to be published, Robin Baird, Research Biologist with Cascadia Research Collective and Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, has shared some current results of their work from a resent research project they partnered with Ultimate on!     (Yep these are Melon-Headed whales!) Their research abstracts include info on false killer whales, their social, fishing and population stats; Rough toothed bottlenose dolphins (bet you didn’t know there was such thing), … Read More

Can something as simple as Sunscreen damage the reef and our Marine Eco-System?

FACT! The chemicals in many sunscreens causes direct damage to the reef which provides food, shelter and breeding grounds for many marine animals. Close to 14,000 TONS of sunscreen end up on the reef every year! To promote healthy sunscreen choices that protect the reef, Ultimate is now offering complimentary REEF-SAFE Sunscreen to our guests on all our snorkel trips! … Read More

Protect the Reef, Protect all Ocean Life

Last month, Ultimate was able to assist with research conducted by the 100 Island Challenge Group. Their campaign has been to conduct surveys of the reef across the Pacific. Why so many studies of our reef systems? Because the ocean’s reef is the beating heart of the rest of the Marine World, here in Hawaii and the rest of the … Read More

Ultimate Host NASA Research Project

  NASA Research Project by Ultimate whale watch Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel was stoked to support this month’s project that including conducting research on Maui’s reef using NASA’s state-of-the-art satellite sensors. Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Tom Bell and his team of NASA scientist spent week on our Ultimate Raft shooting photos and documenting Maui’s reef.   NASA’s goal was to … Read More

Ultimate Helps Support Recent Endangered Species Research

Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel was honored to financially support this month’s research project focused on learning more about the endangered False Killer Whales aka Pseudorca. With less than 150 of these animals left in Hawaii, learning how to better protect them is a research priority. Lead researcher, Robin Baird, Ph.D, Research Biologist, Cascadia Research Collective and Affiliate Faculty, Hawai’i … Read More

Ultimate donates vessels to Whale Trust for research fundraiser

We are excited to take part in donating trips on our vessels to Whale Trust! All proceeds from the Photo Expedition Trips go to Whale Trust and promoting whale research! Check out more info from Whale Trust themselves!

Maui Bottlenose, Spinner And Spotted Dolphins

Dolphins are amazing marine creatures, some of the most intelligent and well-balanced species of mammals. This is especially showcased in the rearing of their young.This video from National Geographic highlights some of the one-on-one training between mama and calf (baby dolphin). She communicates with her dolphin sounds and her calf follows her moves by imitating them. Learning how to swim … Read More