The Top 10 Best Snorkeling Spots You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

dolphins top 10 snorkeling spots

Exploring a whole new world under the sea sounds like an easy yes for your next dream vacation , but how do you choose the 10 snorkeling spots you need to add to your bucket list? Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful reefs, tropical fish and is only a short flight away from the continental U.S. making … Read More

Unforgettable Things to do on your Maui Honeymoon

sunset honeymoon in maui

If you’re getting married and planning your trip to Maui you need to know things to do on a honeymoon in Maui! Taking your love to paradise is an obvious win for your honeymoon, and planning your activities while your here can be too!   Snorkeling What better way to make memories than explore a new world with your love. … Read More

How to Snorkel Underwater and Have the Best Experience Possible!

snorkeling with Hawaiian turtles

Learning how to snorkel underwater is an important and fun skill to learn while vacationing on Maui! Here are a few tips that can make your journey much more enjoyable! The Right Snorkel Gear is a Must The first tip for learning to snorkel underwater is purchasing or renting the best snorkel equipment. The best snorkel equipment does not have … Read More

What’s the Best Depth for Snorkeling?

turtles depth snorkeling

Learning to snorkel should be top of your bucket list if you are visiting any tropical destination. Hawaii’s warm water and unique marine life, make snorkeling a must-do! Snorkeling takes a little skill and a lot of fun! It’s important to get your snorkel questions answered prior to diving in, so your time underwater can be spent exploring marine life! … Read More

What Makes Humpback Whales Sing

What Makes Humpback Whales Sing

Ever wonder what makes humpback whales sing? Researchers around the worlds have been asking this same question and looking for answers! Let’s talk about what we do know about humpback whale songs! Whale songs are only sung by bulls (male humpback whales). Although cows (female humpback whales) can make sounds, only the bulls produce the famous songs that we hear. … Read More

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

Humpback whales travel more than 3000 miles to mate, give birth and rest in the safe waters of the Maui Nui Basin. Because of the whale’s annual migration, Hawaii established an organization called the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, to work to protect these gentle giants during their stay in Maui’s water. The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National … Read More

Whale Surface Movement and Humpback Whale Behavior

vip whale watching tour for 2 hrs

Ever wonder what whales are doing when they pop their heads out of the water or flip their tails? Scientist have spent time studying whale behavior, creating terminology and analyzing these surface behaviors, so we’re going to give you a crash course in their finds! TAIL THROWS When a humpback whale lifts its giant fluke or tail out of the … Read More

Whales and Hawaiian History

humpback whale sighting

Visitors and locals alike wait in anticipation for humpback whale migration every year, traveling hundreds of miles to make Hawaii their home during the winter months. Our fascination with these gentle giants started long before photographs, videos and whale watching tours and has been a part of the Native Hawaiian culture for centuries. In the Native Hawaiian creation chant, whales … Read More

Rare Videos of Newborn Humpback Whale

Rare Videos of Newborn Humpback Whale new

  The humpback whale calf is so new that its dorsal fin and tail flukes appear soft and flimsy, and its mother is still excreting blood, while sometimes supporting the calf on her back. The rare video minutes after birth was captured by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Marine Mammal Research Program (MMRP) in January 2019. MMRP Director Lars Bejder was using a … Read More