Things to do In Maui in December and During Winter

things to do maui december winter

Holiday season means chilly weather and holiday business, but on Maui it means family time, holiday fun, tropical weather and whales, whales, whales! We may be a little partial to the whales (whale season officially starts December 1st every year), but there are so many fun holiday things to do here on Maui if you are visiting during the Christmas … Read More

Activities you don’t want to miss while on Maui!

We are stoked to have been selected as one of the activities not to miss while on Maui! Whale watching in Maui Since 1982 our Whale Watching and Snorkeling tours have been taking Maui’s guests on adventures with marine life. But it’s your feedback, reviews and return visits that make our ohana so special and help us continue to provide … Read More

Best Weather for Snorkeling

snorkeling best weather conditions

The best weather for snorkeling Being a tropical island, Maui has shifts in weather that can affect all outdoor and water activities. There are many variables that affect snorkeling conditions, including rain, wind, current and cloud cover! We want to explore each of these elements and how they can affect your snorkeling experience! Snorkeling in the Rain or After a … Read More

What is the Best Weather to Watch Whales in Maui?

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Best Weather to Watch Whales in Maui Whale watching is one of Maui’s most popular ocean activities. Seasonally, humpback whales migrate to Maui from December to April, which is Maui’s winter season, which has lower temperatures that sometimes include rainfall to this tropical isle. Because knowing what weather conditions are best for whale watching can help you better prepare for … Read More

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle – Beloved in Maui!

green sea turtle

Hawaiian green sea turtles are one of Maui’s most beloved sea creatures. In Hawaiian mythology, the Honu (Hawaiian word for green sea turtle) is a symbol of good luck and wisdom and an aumakua, or family god. Although there are many species of sea turtles here on Maui, The Hawaiian green sea turtle is one of the few native turtles … Read More

where to see turtles in Maui?

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Two of the best ways to see turtles in Maui are by joining them in the water, or by observing them on land! One of our favorite ocean activities is snorkeling with turtles in Maui. Maui is home to 3 species of native sea turtles including the Leatherback sea turtle, Hawksbill sea turtle, and the most common Green sea turtle. Best Places to … Read More

The Top 10 Best Snorkeling Spots You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

top snorkeling spots

Top 10 Best Snorkeling Spots You Need to know! Exploring a whole new world under the sea sounds like an easy yes for your next dream vacation , but how do you choose the 10 snorkeling spots you need to add to your bucket list? Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful reefs, tropical fish and is only … Read More

Unforgettable Things to do on your Maui Honeymoon

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Maui Honeymoon Checklist to create an unforgettable memory If you’re getting married and planning your trip to Maui you need to know things to do on a honeymoon in Maui! Taking your love to paradise is an obvious win for your honeymoon, and planning your activities while your here can be too!   Snorkeling What better way to make memories … Read More

How to Snorkel Underwater and Have the Best Experience Possible!

snorkel underwater

Learning how to snorkel underwater is an important and fun skill to learn while vacationing on Maui! Here are a few tips that can make your journey much more enjoyable! The Right Snorkel Gear is a Must The first tip for learning to snorkel underwater is purchasing or renting the best snorkel equipment. The best snorkel equipment does not have … Read More

What’s the Best Depth for Snorkeling?

snorkeling depth

Learning to snorkel should be top of your bucket list if you are visiting any tropical destination. Hawaii’s warm water and unique marine life, make snorkeling a must-do! Snorkeling takes a little skill and a lot of fun! It’s important to get your snorkel questions answered what is the best depth for snorkeling? prior to diving in, so your time … Read More