Why Rent a Private Charter Boat?


There are so many great reasons to rent a private charter boat in Maui, but new reasons for chartering a private boat for your friends and family are coming to our attention as we all are finding ways to stay safe and healthy with covid-19 recommendations. Private boat charters in Maui are just that, a private boat for you (and … Read More

How is Covid-19 Affecting Maui’s Whales, Dolphins and Turtles?

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Maui Covid-19 restrictions We know Covid-19 has affected all of us, but what about Maui’s marine life? Not only has there been stay-at-home recommendations for everyone on Maui during this time, but the 14-day quarantine for visitors has put a complete halt on tourism. We’re going to unpack the impact Covid-19 has had on Maui’s whales, dolphins and turtles! Humpback … Read More

Top Marine Life Documentaries to Watch While in Quarantine!

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So we all wish we were on the water right now, snorkeling or whale watching. But just because we are stuck inside doesn’t mean we can’t get our daily dose of amazing marine animals and ocean facts via the film documentary world! We put together our TOP MARINE LIFE DOCUMENTARIES TO WATCH WHILE IN QUARANTINE, so you can learn more … Read More

Snorkeling Guide for Beginners

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Beginner’s Guide to Snorkeling Is it your first time snorkeling? Are you ready to explore the ocean under the surface but not sure what to expect? Are there things you can do to prepare for your first time snorkeling even if you are stuck at home right now? We love Lahaina snorkeling tours and have guided thousands of other first … Read More

What is the Best Island to see Whales in Hawaii?


If you are interested to see the whale in Hawaii then you must have to know the Best Island to see Whales in Hawaii? so let’s find out! Every year thousands of humpback whales make their way from Alaska to Hawaii, to find comfort in the warm tropical waters for breeding, birthing, and raising their calves.  So, where do humpback whales spend their … Read More

Humpback Whale Fun Facts!

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The last great animal migration of the humpback whales from Alaska to Maui, Hawaii every year is a magical experience. These gentle giants travel thousands of miles to the warm tropical waters of Maui where we are lucky enough to encounter them on our whale watching tours. We love learning about humpback whales and have some fun facts to share … Read More

The Best and Worst Whale watching season in Maui

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Whale Watching season in Maui is one of the most adventurous marine mammal encounters you can have! This is one of the last great animal migrations and it happens every year as humpback whales travel between Alaska and Hawaii.

Do’s and Don’ts of Whale Watching Manners!

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Whale Watching Manners: What to Do and What Not to Do! 1. Do show up on time and be ready to have fun on your 12 passenger or private boat! 2. Do communicate your needs to the crew! If your view is being blocked by standing guests or unhappy with your seat, tell the crew so they can help! 3. … Read More

Things to do In Maui in December and During Winter

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Holiday season means chilly weather and holiday business, but on Maui it means family time, holiday fun, tropical weather and whales, whales, whales! We may be a little partial to the whales (whale season officially starts December 1st every year), but there are so many fun holiday things to do here on Maui if you are visiting during the Christmas … Read More

Activities you don’t want to miss while on Maui!

We are stoked to have been selected as one of the activities not to miss while on Maui! Whale watching in Maui Since 1982 our Whale Watching and Snorkeling tours have been taking Maui’s guests on adventures with marine life. But it’s your feedback, reviews and return visits that make our ohana so special and help us continue to provide … Read More