Favorite Snorkel Spots on Maui


Our Favorite Snorkel Spots  The islands of Maui and Lana’i offer incredible wildlife, breathtaking views, as well as some of the best snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands. Our trips aim to get people out on the water and to enjoy all the riches that these islands have to offer. Our boats are some of the smallest in Lahaina harbor, but … Read More

Safety Precautions For Snorkel Safely With Sea Turtles In Maui


Snorkeling with sea turtles in Maui is one of the best ocean activities to do in Maui. An important part about participating in any activity while in Maui is to learn the safe and respectful way to be a part of it! Learning to snorkel safely with sea turtles in Maui is an important topic to cover! When engaging in … Read More

Health Benefits of Snorkeling


Key Health Benefits of Snorkeling Something about being on the tropical island of Maui makes you want to be outside and in tune with your health! One of the best things about vacationing in Hawaii is that spending time in the sunshine and snorkeling has health benefits! Maui is home to beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and many of the … Read More

Top 10 Things You Can Do in Maui for Free!

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Things You Can Do in Maui Travel to Maui is now open and it’s time to book your activities! How do you know what are the top things to do on Maui when there are so many activities to choose from and you’re on a budget? As a helpful guide, we’ve put together this activity list of our top 10 … Read More

Important Things to Avoid While on a Snorkel Tour

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Is this your first time going on a snorkel tour or snorkeling in Maui? Are you curious what the Things to avoid on snorkel tour, rules of snorkeling are and what you need to know to make it the best snorkel experience? We’re here to help! Snorkeling in Maui is one of the best activities to do! We want you … Read More

Boat vs. Beach Snorkeling: What’s the Difference?

Best Place to Snorkel in Maui

Snorkeling in Maui is a must do activity. Knowing where to snorkel in Hawaii, how much it cost to snorkel in Maui, what’s the difference between boat and beach snorkeling and other snorkeling tips can help you decide what the best snorkel experience will be for you! Where to Snorkel in Maui? The best place to snorkel in Maui, Hawaii … Read More

Snorkeling With Sea Turtles In Maui

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Snorkeling in Maui is one of the top ocean activities to do when you visit the islands! The best snorkeling with sea turtles in Maui depends on the ocean’s conditions, reef and marine life you find there! Turtles are one of our favorite marine animals to observe when snorkeling, so we put together this guide showing where to snorkel with … Read More

Things to do in Lahaina, Maui

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Looking for things to do in Lahaina, Maui? “The west side is the best side”, that’s what we say here in historic Lahaina Town! Shopping, food, activities, the list goes on! We created a go-to guide so can make your most out of your vacation to Lahaina! Originally the capital of Hawaii from 1820-1845, historic Lahaina town was once a … Read More

Things to do in Maui in February

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Visiting Maui in February Are you starting February, the month of love off right with a vacation to the romantic and adventurous island of Maui? Wondering what it’s like to visit Maui in February? February is the perfect time to visit Maui as the tropical temperatures are a great great from the mainland’s snowy weather, and whale season is at … Read More

What’s Open in Maui Guide!

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Our Maui Trip full Guide Ok, so you made it to Maui. But what’s open in Maui? Where do you eat, shop and do activities? With COVID-19 closing down restaurants, stores and activities, it’s hard to know what is open for business! That’s why we made this quick “What’s Open in Maui” guide! Check out our list of activities, shops … Read More